About the project

This Birmingham is the brainchild of Richard Battye. Following on from his successful, “This England,” exhibition that toured in 1999. He has been inspired to work on the, “This Birmingham,” photography project.

Richard’s aim is to uncover and tell the untold success stories of our city, so that they can inspire and encourage others to follow in their footsteps. At a time when Birmingham is going on to achieve new heights, we see great change around us. Never has there been a more apt moment to tell these stories and celebrate their success.

This Birmingham is about natural organic

growth. Growth of relationships, growth of artistic expression, and ultimately, growth of our connection to our city. It’s about celebrating that which unites us – the common threads between exceptional individuals – using the unifying power of art to showcase those who devote themselves to their fields.

Throughout this project, Richard will be finding and photographing some of Birmingham’s best and brightest, from up and coming talents to well-loved legends.

As well as capturing images, Richard will also be collecting stories. This will be an opportunity to discover the role that our city has played

Richard Battye

Richard Battye

in the development of some extraordinary individuals, and through the power of social media, our friends at Birmingham Updates will be sharing these stories with the world.

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Do you know someone who has an inspiring story Richard should know about? Why not let us know by filling out the nomination form with yours and their details.*

Tell us as much as you can about the person you are nominating, this will give us a good idea about them and we need their email so we can get i touch with them.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate someone, not everyone can be featured unfortunately but Richard and his selection committee will look to capture the best stories they can.

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