Nicola Fleet-Milne

Total control freak, happens to exert this on the residential property landscape, meddles in lots of areas of Birmingham, means well, very sociable, always upbeat, motivated by people who do, befuddled by people who don’t, zero tolerance for poor care of shoes. I ended up here because of my upbringing and my values.


Were you born in Birmingham? No

What’s your favourite childhood memory of Birmingham? I grew up in Bahrain and then London

When was your breakthrough moment? University

How did you get into what you’re doing today? My previous company was plain awful. It was easy to know I could do better.

What’s the greatest memory from your career? It’s not over yet! So far… setting up, opening a proper shopfront and celebrating 10 years (and still growing!)

Favourite thing to do in Birmingham? Drinks after work, eat in the great variety of restaurants, wander round the galleries/museums, enjoy some theatre and run along the canals on a summer evening.

What makes Birmingham stand out to you? How welcoming everyone is.

What are your thoughts on the future of Birmingham? It has a very bright future, with some wonderful people championing it

If you could change one thing about Birmingham, what would it be? Birmingham really needs to sort its public services out. The council’s inability to function fully is very damaging on the national and global scene.

Who’s the most famous person you think is from Birmingham? PJ Ellis off of Big Brother 😀

Who are your heroes? Someone you look up to? It changes. Sometimes strong females, sometimes super wealthy people, sometimes the kindest people, and often my closest friends.

If you had a dinner party, which 3 people would you invite? Someone to cook, someone to clear up and someone to drink with.

What are your plans for the future? Lots more business, a lot of family stuff and definitely reading a lot of books.

Who’s the most famous person in your phone book? Difficult one: chefs, footballers, tv personalities…. I’d have to say my mum: Independent Adjudicator from the National Lottery 😉